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What is the Email Review service? 


The best way to improve a skill is to get feedback on what you put out there. But when you are in the beginning stages of your business, your audience is too small to get that feedback in a timely manner. Or maybe you're doing it all on your own and don't have anyone as a sounding board. 

When an email doesn’t produce sales, or nobody replies, you don’t know if it’s because of the content of the email, the offer, the price point, how the email was formatted, or something else entirely. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate several of those unknowns, and know that your emails – the most important thing when it comes to selling online – follow all the best practices, and paint your offer in the most attractive light? 

I’ve been working with my private clients for over 8 years on their emails, collecting all kinds of feedback. And now I can share that feedback with you in the most useful way – so you can actually implement it right away. 

"My favorite part was getting personalized feedback on my emails. I'm writing them by myself and so don't have someone else to bounce ideas off of. The Email Review with Anna is a great way to get feedback to make your emails even better and make sure you're on the right track."
-- Shelley Hitz, Christian Book Academy

This is the perfect next step for you if you: 


  • Have picked an email service software & started your email list – or you are about to 
  • Know your niche and who your customers are 
  • Have a good idea of what you want to sell (ideally you already have an offer) 
  • Have your emails drafted (this is not a copywriting service, I will review what you’ve written but I won’t be writing for you from scratch.) 

The aim of this service: 


For you to walk away with an email sequence that you are confident in, that is doing its job to nurture your subscribers towards the next step or a sale. 

In the process, you will learn the best practices and basic principles that you can apply to write better emails in the future. 

The types of emails I can help you with:

  • Your welcome sequence or nurture sequence
  • Your sales sequence (full launch or flash sale)
  • Webinar or Workshop sequence 
  • Bundle/Summit promo
  • Challenge launch 
  • Lead magnet funnel 
  • Low ticket offer funnel 
  • Your regular newsletters, newsletter series, or an evergreen newsletter 

Here’s how it works: 


  • Collect your emails that you’d like me to review (up to 7).
  • Send them to me, along with a description of the purpose of the emails and what you are trying to achieve. 
  • If you are selling an offer, please give me details of that offer, as well.
  • I’ll review your emails and make suggestions, along with a walk-through video to explain each one. 
  • Here are just some of the things I will look at: your subject lines, preview text, formatting, design including for mobile, clarity of calls to action, and sequence flow. 
  • You will have my suggestions within 7-10 days. 
  • After you’ve had a chance to review my suggestions, you’ll have 30 days of Voxer and email access to me for follow-up questions. 

Your investment options: 


Email Review Package - $250

Get up to 7 emails reviewed with suggestions + walkthrough video
+ 30 days email & Voxer access

Email Review + 1:1 Session - $395

Get up to 7 emails reviewed with suggestions + walkthrough video
+ 30 days email & Voxer access
+ private 1:1 60-min video session

This extra session can be used to brainstorm your email marketing strategy, get tech help in setting up your emails, or as co-working time for you to write emails with my help, live. 

Next Steps


Click the "Book this Service" button to secure your spot. 

Once you’ve done that, you will see instructions for how to submit your emails. 

Within 24 hours of receiving your emails, I will confirm the date by which I will deliver your review in the form of a Google Doc with suggestions + walk-through video. 

You will also get details on how to connect with me on Voxer, and, if applicable, how to book your bonus 1:1 session. 

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